Afterthe tremendous success achieved by Kurdmax TV channel in all of Kurdistan, in 2017 Kurdmax Show came to birth. This channel intended to focus on Show Type / Entertainment programs. The policy of the channel based on presenting social and artistic programs, targeting edification and raising the consciousness of Kurdish awareness in the society, at the same time, taking the social, religious, cultural, artistic flair and Kurdish cultural backgrounds in consideration in all its broadcasted programs. Therefore, preserving these social customs and traditions was one of the priorities of Kurdmax Show TV channel. Years later, the name of the channel formally changed from “Kurdmax Show” to "Show TV" ,following the same contexts and mechanisms used in the past, besides, two hours were allocated to drama. Currently Show TV is working on cinematic and documentaries films. Important to mention, Show TV is the third TV channel belongs to Kurdmax Media Network owned by Edicoo Group.