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Gülperi receives the news that her husband Eyüp has died on a business trip. From then on, her life will become extremely difficult as she and her three children, Hasan, Bedriye, Can, move into her father-in-law and family's mansion. In that place, her husband's brother is obsessed with her, he tries to abuse her, but she defends herself by hurting him with scissors. For this reason, Gülperi is sentenced to almost two years in prison. When she completes her sentence in prison, she returns to the mansion to recover her children, who left her husband's family in custody. With the help of Kadir Aydin, her lawyer and first love, she will try to regain the love and custody of her children.
  • ProducersTimur Savcı Burak Sağyaşar
  • Production companyTIMS & B Productions