Brave & Beautiful

Trailer 1

One day a handsome and mysterious man named "Cesur" falls like a bombshell into a quiet and peaceful town called "Korludag". The moment he steps in he meets a beauty named "Sühan". Their extraordinary meeting is followed by an irresistible attraction. But there's something they both don't know. Their dream of happiness will turn into an impossible love with the opposition of their families that have been long-time enemies.
  • Written byEce Yörenç Elif Usman Serdar Soydan Deniz Büyükkirli
  • Producer Kerem Çatay Pelin Diştaş Yaşaroğlu
  • StarringKıvanç Tatlıtuğ,Tuba Büyüküstün
  • DistributorEccho Rights
  • ProductionAy Yapım