Dunya Adil Abdulrahman ()

Dunya Adil Abdulrahman Born in sulaymaniah 15/12/1999 Media experience 2 years (disc of health and motivation ) Studied in college of dentistry university of sulaymania. Worked in (nrt، nrt2 ، k24, esta ) and now working in kurdmax show

It is a medical program; each episode handles a different medical topic and sheds light on a

specific disease providing accurate and reliable information about that malady, and provides methods of

prevention and treatments. Each week the program crew visits a hospital, interviews specialists to talk

about an important health topic, highlighting the evidence of the infirmity and analysis it.

  • PresenterDunya Adil Abdulrahman
  • MontageHamay sham
  • CameraHamay sham,Dawan dlshad,Ahmed ibrahim