Shahi ()

Shahi Hamo " was born in Aleppo 1997
 The preparation of the TV program
 - Kostm Designer
 The presenter
Study: Erbil Salahaddin University
Media Department 2017-2018
 He worked as a story writer in The Arabic Magazine of Children at the age of 10 and also in Kurdistan newspaper in 2016
 Won the smallest journalist award in 2006 at the Badrkhan Festival in Duk
 - With university studying, he has worked as a reportonist on the Arabic Channel
 He has worked as the main actor in Kurdish and Arabic cinematic dramas and films
 Preparing the Rezhana and Fascinator program
 " Kostm's work has made the presenter designer
 The presenter's work on Ava TV and Net TV
A competition program and a two - guest tournament will compete on winning the Gold Lira four games in 50 minutes for each game competing on a gold lira and among the games the guests will be asked questions of the magazine the program will be awarded once a week Monday at 20:00 in The Show
  • PresenterShahi
  • DirectorHardi Anwar
  • ProductionZahir Ibrahim