Shilan Mouafaq Muhammad ()

Shilan Mouafaq Muhammad
My name is Shilan Mouafaq Muhammad, known as Shilan Akchan. I am originally from Sulaimaniah but born in Kirkuk on January 20 1993. I studied at Fine Arts Institute- Kirkuk, Plastic Department- Drawing Branch until grade three. Then in 2011 we moved to Erbil and setteled there when I finished my studied and got Diploma Degree. In 2014 I joined College of Fine Arts- Design Department at Salahaddin University. During my graduation I was one of the best of the college. On September 9 2015 I got married and in the same year I started my Artistic and media career. My first artistic piece of work was a song devoted to the spirit of the late artist Jegr Aziz. Later on taped another song about Peshmerga under the name of “ Panoramai Peshmarga”.
Later on I started working in the field of Design and Advertising. In 2016 I started working in one of the media institutions in Kurdistan and became the presenter of various programs including (Waziri Renmayie – Baji Ninos – Rozhek Ba Xoshi- Timi Gulabarozha and Net Gram). Rather than these, I am the author of “Weekend With Shilan” on Youtube. In 2019 I started my career with Kurdmax TV through which I presented “Max Play” program.
On October 19 2019 I became the mother after Melamissa my daughter came to birth.
On June 20 2019 I started presenting “Rozhek Lagal Shilan” & “Show Magazine” program at Kurdmax Show TV until present.

Show magazine It consists of three parts each part of the 25-minute, the first and second part is artistic and sometimes life style every time an artistic personality or a prominent figure will be a guest in the studio and outside the studio a conseptic far from his test job He then opens the studio and asks megini, sometimes the social media news report from the first two parties, the third part of the Beauty Show talks about makeup and maskstyle, and each time he explains a topic as an education.
  • PresenterShilan Mouafaq
  • DirectorHardi Anwar
  • ProductionZahir Ibrahim