Solina Akbar Darwish ()

My name is Solina Akbar Darwish, I am 22 years old. I live in Sulaymaniyah and I am a student at University of Sulaymaniyah , College of Agricultural Engineering Science , Animal Sciences Department, grade four.
I started my media career in 2017 in a radio. In 2018 I worked in social media press. From that time until now I am continuing to work in this field. My first TV work was in Kurdmax TV channel, that was in 2019 where I presented “ Mayki To” program, and that was my first field program experience.
From my early childhood I was interested in media. My family supported me strongly, here it will be fair enough to express my gratitude to all of them.

Your Microphone is a field program. Each episode deals with a different topic and picks people opinion. Each episode will be set in a different city, and sometimes experts and specialists will express their opinions to viewers. 

  • PresenterSolina
  • Production&CameraHamay Sham