Solina Akbar Darwish ()

My name is Solina Akbar Darwish, I am 22 years old. I live in Sulaymaniyah and I am a student at University of Sulaymaniyah , College of Agricultural Engineering Science , Animal Sciences Department, grade four.
I started my media career in 2017 in a radio. In 2018 I worked in social media press. From that time until now I am continuing to work in this field. My first TV work was in Kurdmax TV channel, that was in 2019 where I presented “ Mayki To” program, and that was my first field program experience.
From my early childhood I was interested in media. My family supported me strongly, here it will be fair enough to express my gratitude to all of them.

It is an artistic program that is interviewed every time with an artistic personality in different fields and visits the house and discusses the subject of art at the same time some people as ordinary people in the program ask their questions to the guest once a week
  • PresenterSolina
  • CameraRanjdar Sabir&Dilan Awat