Bas u Xwas ()

Bakhan Tofiq
Born in 1998 in Ranya city in southern Kurdistan
Since childhood، he has had a passion for cameras and media because his uncle was a prominent political news announcer، which encouraged Him to enter the media.
Bakhan has nine years of media experience and started in photography، videography، and writing، and has worked in more than 4 news agencies and six media agencies as reporters and presenters، and he has many awards and honors in his field، the most prominent of which
In 2022، in the 40th anniversary of shirin Abu Aqla، she became the first Kurdish journalist to win the first prize (Martyr Shirin Abu Aqala Shield) awarded by the Palestinian state and handed over to the Palestinian consulate at a ceremony in Erbil.
In general، my only wish and desire is to be a reason to better demonstrate the ability of Kurdish women to develop themselves and succeed.
Now it's a program that's on the screen.
  • PresenterBaxan Tofiq