Banu Bahadin ()

Banu Bahadin Abdullah was born on September 28, 1997, in Sulaimaniyah. Raised with two brothers, Baku and Mirko, she grew up as a reserved, quiet, and courteous child. Her educational journey began at Ibrahim Ahmed Elementary School in Sulaimaniyah, and despite aspiring to join the theatre department institute, she faced rejection. Subsequently, she completed her education at an institute in Sulaimaniyah, specializing in surveying engineering.
Banu entered the realm of media in 2016, initially joining a local channel in Sulaimaniyah where her live programs gained popularity due to her confidence and adept public speaking skills. Over the years, she transitioned through various agencies and currently contributes to media pursuits at Kurdmax, specifically at Show TV.
In addition to her media career, Banu has contributed to the cinema world with roles in two films, namely "Laughter & Forgetting" directed by Hawraz Mohammed and "Shawa" directed by Delovan Sandy.
Lagal Banu

Each time and a job is made into a program where jobs are more local and local

How to work in the fields that they choose can be shown to the audience by a program and another side of the work in a way that is cultural and social and all the things that are created with joy and misery with doing any work

The program's goal is to show another unseen side to the audience how private professionals deal with their work from morning to evening

Program time is 45 minutes and one program is published weekly on ShowTV

  • PresenterBanu Bahadin
  • Montaj&DirectotHamay Sham