Kazhan Abdulwahab Mohammad ()

Kazhan Abdulwahab Mohammad, also known as Kazhan Babani, is born in Sulaimania in Nov. 27- 1999 and still lives there. Her breakthrough to Media world was in the field of theater advertising and from there she made her way into the world of media.
In 2016 she started her media carrier when she worked as a presenter in a local TV channel where she stayed for two years during which she presented various programs such as ( V.S Comment Pulas, box), they were mostly field programs. After this period she cut off from media work for two entire years. In March 21 2019 she resumed her media carries in Kurdmax TV channel, also presenting field programs. Her first fruits program in this TV was aired in March 21st 2019 under the name of “ Gashti Bahar – Spring Trip” which was a weekly program, used to visit resorts, interviewing tourists. In Ramadan, Babani also presented a program named “Shadi u Diary –Joy & Gift”. For preparing this program, the staff used to visit malls, interviewing shoppers, directing questions and there were rewards to those who can answer the questions correctly.
Currently she presents Show Magazine program, which is broadcasting in Kurdmax TV channel. The program is w about Lifestyle that handles several parts such as artistic, health, fashion and other topics where they host guests.

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