Parez Maghdid Ali ()

Parez Maghdid Ali was born in Erbil on 21/1/2000 I graduated from the Digital Media Department at the Kurdistan Technical Institute in Qaywan, starting with a number of organisations such as seminars, management, monitoring and preparing training courses in various fields, panel management, panel presentations, conferences and courses for media students. I have been working in the media for three years, including presenters, reporters, programme preparations and preparations for Fitcher, Storey, Voxpop, and reporting on various programs. I have participated in the drama "Koshki Hanar" as an actor. And now I'm a health program presenter on Show TV.

It is a medical program; each episode handles a different medical topic and sheds light on a

specific disease providing accurate and reliable information about that malady, and provides methods of

prevention and treatments. Each week the program crew visits a hospital, interviews specialists to talk

about an important health topic, highlighting the evidence of the infirmity and analysis it.

  • Prep & PresenterParez Maghdid Ali
  • DirectorDawan Dlshad
  • CameraDawan dlshad,Ahmed ibrahim